A few years after being injured at a previous job, I had the challenge of seeking compensation for medical treatment that I was currently needing. I was lost, and had no idea of how to even begin the process. thankfully, I was referred to Christina Lopez and she got my claim started right away. She took the time to educate me about the workers comp claim process, and answered every question I had regarding my treatment and compensation. She also made sure that I was seen by multiple specialists so that my percentage of disability could be accurately diagnosed. When it came time to settle my claim, she made sure I received a fair settlement for my injury, and put in extra time after my claim was settled to make sure that the insurance company held up their end of the settlement. I will admit the entire process was frustrating and stressful, but thankfully I had Christina and her team on my side. They have, and continue to make every effort possible to ensure that I am satisfied with their services. I would highly recommend you turn to her when looking for representation. Thanks for your help Christina!!

Sergio Vargas

5 STARS for Christina Lopez, esq.! She is an absolute fighter! She is thorough, highly competent, professional, strategic, a phenomenal negotiator, and most of all, a genuinely kind and caring person. I feel so blessed to have been referred to her after having a poor experience with a previous attorney. The way my case and I were handled were like night and day. With Christina, your case will get a lot of her personal attention. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good attorney. With my first attorney, I was told I would never receive treatment and was pressured to take a subpar settlement. With Christina Lopez, I have not only received much needed medical treatment, I was also offered a settlement that was nearly 50% more money; all because she fought for me and meticulously studied the details of my case! Whatever you do, please learn from my mistake and make sure to GO SEE CHRISTINA LOPEZ FIRST!

T Neal

Ms. Christina Lopez was very professional, available ( phone, e-mail, and in person) , and always followed up with questions I had. My situation was complex , stressful, and dragged on for almost a year - she was supportive, patient, and explained the process throughout the time. Ms. Lopez is direct and knows the law very well . She always had my interests as her priority at all times and guided me through a resolution that I needed. You will be in excellent hands with Ms. Lopez.
Her office staff was also very helpful and I knew if I left a message that I would receive a response right away and I did not need to call again and explain. Thank you Christina!

Flora Toveg

Christina Lopez was very professional and helpful with my situation. She always thoroughly explained the process and made sure I understood each step that was made. Christina has great attention to detail and took care of everything that I needed and more! Thank you Christina!

Debra Culver

Christina and her team are wonderful. They are so helpful and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Christina to any friends/family that are looking for a good lawyer

Laura Gaytan

I retained Ms. Lopez for my workers' comp claim. She was professional and explained each step thoroughly. She was prepared at each hearing and represented my interests very well. The insurance company denied my claim, but with Ms. Lopez' diligent work, I received a great settlement in the end! Thank you for your hard work!

Lisa Pardi

For the first time my career I had an on the job injury occur. Not knowing how to navigate the workers comp process, I found Christina Lopez, and from that day forward she was an amazing guide through all of the steps along the way. She helped me fight for the best health care professionals that I could in the network, she advised me on my rights and options, and eventually helped me bring the entire process to a very satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend Christina to anyone that finds themselves involved with workers compensation issues, and I will refer anyone I happen to talk with to her instantly.

Sari Tresser

I was grateful to have found Christina Lopez for my Workers Comp claim and legal representation. Christina Lopez was instrumental in finding new medical care and therapy. She made sure that I was kept informed, understood my legal rights and all aspects of my case. With her guidance I was awarded a fair and just settlement. I encourage anyone who needs legal counsel to contact the Law office Christina Lopez

Susan Brouwer

Very outstanding service! They were very professional, always got back to me in timely manner and, best of all, they were able to get me all the money I deserved! I would definitely recommend this law office, if you are looking to get the best quality service. Thank you guys for everything you did for me!

Matthew Bryant

Christina is a very professional lawyer. She will answer all of your questions and more. She has all the expertise you need for a great lawyer. Very quick and responsive and also makes you feel like you are in a family environment. She cares for the client like one is supposed to and does not make you feel intimidated. She works hard representing you, the client, and gets the best negotiation for you. So thankful for you Christina! You helped me and my family.

Luis Cruz

I was searching for a workers comp attorney and I read some her of reviews. They were right, she is very good at what she does. I was very happy with her and the outcome we had. She is very professional and thorough. If you ever need a good workers comp attorney I would highly recommend her.

Cheryl G

I found Christina and her team extremely helpful and professional. I would recommend her to anyone needing her help. Thanks Christina and Clara.

Charles Perez

I was injured in my job and i looking online for workers compensation lawyer in concord ca. And i found ms. Christina lopez lawyer and check her reviews and immediately call her office i was greeted by her assistant ms.clara arroyo she explained to me the process and decided to booked appointment with ms. Christina lopez lawyer i explained my injuries and she take my case i highly recommend to my friends and family and others injured workers you have two Angels on your side thank you very much for your help.

Salvador Cazares

Christina Lopez is a great attorney, she works hard for you and I will recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great attorney. 6 stars in my book.


PLEASE READ! This may be long but every word is true and with reading. Truly if you're looking for a great lawyer read this.
The Saturday of November 2013 I was injured at work in a life changing injury. I used to be a BodyWork Specialist. I did massage since I was 16(but didn't start professinally until 2007), I've tattooed and pierced from the age of 24 until my injuries took that away from me.And was working on my cosmetology license when my accident happened(8 months till done). So what happened?
One of my clients that was a brain surgeon ironically had a stroke and became wheelchair bound but still wanted massages and facials. Since everything we had was located in an upstairs area we had to move everything downstairs. It was during this time i was bringing half of a machine downstairs despite arguing with my boss that 2 people should carry the machine. Quest mistake of my life. I missed 2-3 stairs because it wasn't Well lit. My left foot hit the landing and crumpled like an accordion about halfway down until it couldn't crumple anymore the snapped completely back. Which caused the machine to come down with amazing force sending a white hot fire like lightning sensation from my left you're up my leg. Then machine then sampled my arms and i dropped the machine. Like a fool and not like a fool i caught the machine before it hit the ground. Ripping every muscle up both off my arms and from the top of my spine to the bottom. Leaving me with 9 bulging disc in my back and also leaving me with a quadrelateral injury to all my limbs. With damage so severe it has left meet inn pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week that never ever stops. My boss had me lie for her for a year while i literally worked for this woman until i could no longer stand. One off my clients recommended a different lawyer in fact the"biggest and best firm" . this big firm pushed me to the side and wasn't working in my best interests health wise or anyway for that matter. Realizing this 2 years into everything i began looking for another lawyer. For a year and a half i had every lawyer in the bay area I talked to say no over and over again. My pain was being measure and i had became extremely depressed and tried to kill myself. With all hope lost, I took my meeting with Christina Lopez. And my life was changed for the first time in years i had someone on my side and it bright me to tears. After losing my wife,my careers and my house it was good to have her on my side and things finally began to change for the better. She has worked hard and smacked fire to the defending attorneys, there is no doubt she knows her stuff.finally after 16 surgeries and procedures we have a report the can actually state the facts and prove them. Her work has been a god send. Only the best most caring and wonderful person would have taken my case. After having 50 plus lawyers say no, there is no question her character and passion are unparalleled and not choosing her as your attorney would be a big mistake because you'll truly miss a great lawyer. And an even better person.There is a poem by Maya Angelou called Phenomenal Woman, I have used this poem to describe only the best most important and influential women i have ever met. My mom, my mentors in tattoo and massage and of course for Christina Lopez. Because not only is she phenomenally a woman, but even more phenomenal as a person. Thank you for reading. All I can say is Thank You for everything Christina gas done n AND if she's your lawyer you will be thankful too.

Phillip Manuel

(Translated by Google) The lawyer Christina Lopez helped me a lot with my case, she is very professional and cares about us Latinos, she speaks Spanish and made me feel safe because she explained all my rights and my documents with great patience. She got me a fair settlement for my work accident. I recommend her because she is very good, intelligent and if she fights for workers' rights.

Maria Negrete

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