Injured in an Accident?

Injured in an Accident?

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Your employer is legally responsible for all actions taken by an employee in relation to their job. This means that you may qualify for compensation if you're injured in an accident while on the job. The Law Office of Christina Lopez in San Diego & Concord, CA has a trucking accident attorney who can represent you.

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What qualifies as a work-related vehicle accident

There are many different situations that may qualify you for workers' compensation. It's time to find a motor vehicle accident attorney if you're injured while:

  • Traveling to or from a work site
  • Performing a work-related errand
  • Making a delivery for your business
  • Chauffeuring another employee for work reasons
  • Using a company vehicle for work-related activities

Christina Lopez will assist you throughout the claims process to get the best possible outcome for your situation. If you need a trucking accident attorney, reach out to her today.