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Based in San Diego & Concord, CA Christina Lopez serves clients throughout the East Bay Area

Christina Lopez is a workers' compensation attorney and certified legal specialist based in San Diego & Concord, CA. She will travel to you if you're injured and handle every facet of your claim. With in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, she can represent you.

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When to call an attorney

Workers' compensation in California covers many different areas. A workers' compensation attorney can assist with:

Whether you need a slip-and-fall attorney or a work- related motor vehicle accident attorney, turn to Christina Lopez. Contact her workers' compensation law firm today if you need representation.

What to bring to our first meeting

Workers' Compensation Law Firm based in both San Diego & Concord, CA serving the East Bay area

You may not have anything to bring to the first meeting. However, if possible, it is helpful if you have the following documents with you:

  • A claim from your employer (they should give you a copy promptly)
  • Medical records or reports related to your injury
  • Wage reports, W2s or other income records from current employment
  • Information or documentation from your employer's insurance company
  • Identification information and statements of witnesses present at the time of the injury
  • A list of questions

Christina Lopez has devoted her practice to helping injured employees in need. View our Testimonials page now to read about how her workers' compensation law firm can help you.